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'Voice of Customer' & Its Importance In Customer Experience Delivery

The vast majority of business executives today claim that a critical aspect of their business is Customer Experience delivery (CX). According to Gartner, today 89% of companies surveyed are primarily competing on CX.

But how do you beat your competitor at Customer Experience delivery? Simply: you keep delivering a better experience each time you interact with your customer. This is where VoC or ‘Voice of Customer’ programs come in. They have become a priority for numerous businesses and basically entail listening to the customer in order to compete successfully on CX.

In 1992, Alec Baldwin delivered his famous line in the film Glengarry Glen Ross, "Always be closing," which represented the 'ABCs' of selling, but in reality and from the perspective of CX experts, 'Always be listening' seems like a more approriate edit that fits better with today's business goal of customer centricity.

Understanding VoC

VoC or Voice of Customer is basically a term used for describing the Customer Experience feedback you receive after a customer interacts with your product or service.

It is nearly impossible to reach the top of your game in any industry if you aren’t paying attention to what your customer is saying. Customer-perceived quality adds immensely to the success of your business. When you design efficient Voice of Customer programs, you are better able to interact with your customers at various touch points throughout the customer journey.

Here are some of the key advantages of VoC programs for your business:

  • VoC allows you to undertake product/service customization and add or subtract features in order to meet the changing demands of your customers.
  • It is a route to maximizing the profit of your company.
  • It allows you to prioritize various issues, voiced needs and trends.
  • You are equipped to collect and assess new ideas, concepts and solutions.

Improve business performance with VoC

Voice of Customer programs allow for a systematic way to listen to customers. The information gathered can be utilized for taking action and tracking business performance over a period of time. As a business, you need to understand that the Customer Experience is all in the customer's mind. Great experiences can help exceed their expectations.

On the other hand, if you fail to comprehend market and customer perceptions or what and how your customers' are experiencing when interacting with your brand, it would become almost impossible to consistently meet their expectations, let alone exceed them. Thus, ‘Voice of Customer’ programs are critical for improving the performance of your organization. Some of the key characteristics of good VoC programs are

  • They allow automatic syncing across all functional departments
  • They do not overlook the employee’s voice
  • They link different kinds of customer feedbacks across all information channels


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