WISE Employment Selects Nintex Promapp for Process Management Role

MELBOURNE21 August, 2019—Nintex, the global standard for process management and automation, has announced that WISE Employment, a not-for-profit employment services provider, has selected Nintex Promapp® to support the company’s ongoing strategy for business process improvement.

WISE Employment has been connecting and empowering job seekers and employers since 1992, and helps more than 10,000 people on the path to self-sufficiency through meaningful work every year. It provides employment services under the Australian Government’s Disability Employment Services (DES) and jobactive programs, offering free services to eligible job seekers and employers.

The decision to deploy the visual, cloud-based business process mapping and management capabilities of Nintex Promapp aligns with WISE Employment’s commitment to improve its customer and employee experience.

“We wanted to move with the times and have an online system to effectively and efficiently manage our processes across our distributed - and often remote - workforce, to be able to instantly notify the relevant people when there is a change to a process, and to provide an opportunity for feedback.

“We also needed to have all processes centrally stored in the cloud and for there to be a clear process for approval of distinct operational and employment processes,” said Kon Stoilas, Head of Organisational Development and Learning at WISE Employment.

WISE Employment has previously managed its existing 300 processes on an intranet based on SharePoint, but found it was cumbersome and inflexible which restricted the team’s ability to create, update and notify staff of new processes.

“Nintex offers us a powerful process management solution that supports automation, is user friendly and is hosted in the cloud. We like the fact that the company has a major physical presence in Australia, being founded here, and can support us locally in our ongoing journey with process improvement. 

“In addition, the Nintex Promapp capability will enable us to constantly challenge how things are done, to look at each sub-process, ask questions and rapidly incorporate staff feedback,” said Stoilas.

Initially, WISE Employment will prioritise the management, automation and optimisation of hundreds of processes through the Nintex Platform and create a hub for process improvement that is powerful and simple for its 600 users.

Once fully deployed, WISE plans to leverage the automation capabilities of the Nintex Platform to automate several key processes across the company. These include employment processes which are typically administration-based, some of which impact WISE Employment’s customers.

Nintex Promapp will also support operational-specific support services in areas such as payroll and training. In addition, it will house WISE Employment’s governance documentation, enabling employees to provide feedback on existing processes and recommending new ways to improve the way they do things, while achieving their financial targets. Nintex Promapp will incorporate workflows to process tasks, as well as provide visibility and transparency on the current status of processes.

“We expect the Nintex Promapp solution will further involve our employees in the business and support staff retention by empowering teams to own, manage and improve their processes.”

“We know this technology will help us to create a culture and a practice of continuous improvement which will enable WISE to have the most efficient customer centric processes,” said Stoilas. 

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