World Bank study finds strong potential for CS jobs in online industries for Fiji and the Pacific Islands

At the end of 2015, the World Bank released a Pacific Island study that found that almost 10,000 IT related jobs could be created across Fiji, Samoa and Tonga. Since the release of this report, Fiji has been eager to get the attention of Australian businesses and is hosting a Business Process Outsourcing Mission, being led by Pacific Island Trade & Invest starting 26 July, 2016. 

With the support of the Fiji Government, Fiji has positioned itself as an enticing location for Business Process Outsourcing operations offering attractive investment incentives.  Already over 1,000 jobs have been created in Fiji.  It offers a number of competitive advantages which include young labour market that is both qualified for the tasks and have a positive perceptions of the Pacific region which lends itself well to call centres and customer service orientated tasks. All this coupled with an IT infrastructure that is world class, competitive cost at least 50% lower than Australia and only 2 hours ahead of Australia places Fiji in a very strong position to continue to draw international business to its door step.

International experience has seen large countries such as India, the Philippines, but also small island countries like Mauritius, benefit from job creation in the offshore and online outsourcing and other IT-enabled industry sectors,” said Natasha Beschorner, Senior ICT Policy Specialist at the World Bank. “This study shows the potential for Fiji, Samoa and Tonga to tap into that market and create new and unique job opportunities that can especially benefit women and youth.”

Fiji might be the place to consider if you’re looking for the following support for your organisation:

  • Back and front office support 
  • Telemarketing and Telesales 
  • Complaint Handling 
  • Market research and data entry 
  • Insurance claim and transaction processing 
  • Financial services 
  • Overflow and After hours support 
  • Pacific Trade & Invest is leading this exciting mission in support of the Fiji Government and Pacific islands.

If you want more information on the BPO mission please click here:

For more information and to view the original World Bank report released in December 2015, click here:

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