Cyara: 5 Keys To Assuring A Successful Contact Centre Cloud Migration Webinar

Original Broadcast: Wednesday, April 3

An increasing number of Australian organisations are planning to adopt contact centre cloud solutions for their telephony and digital channel systems in the next 1-2 years. The biggest growth is expected to be in a hybrid solution, combining on-site, off-site and cloud infrastructure.

The feedback from users of hosted cloud solutions indicates compelling benefits: Globally, 81% say cloud has improved flexibility and 77% say it contributes to future-proofing their technology infrastructure. Other benefits include a reduced cost to serve and a more personalised and responsive customer experience.

However, many are held back due to concerns about security, cost over-runs, systems integration, the management of legacy infrastructure and leadership inertia. There is a lot of complexity and risk involved, but Cyara helps mitigate those risks with its assurance solutions, while accelerating development at the same time.

Steve Nuttall, Head of CX Research at Fifth Quadrant and David Inglis, CX Assurance Specialist - Principal Solutions Architect, APAC and ANZ at Cyara map out the steps and considerations for implementing a successful contact centre cloud migration. 

Steve Nuttall David Inglis 
Steve Nuttall
Head of CX Research
Fifth Quadrant
David Inglis
CX Assurance Specialist


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Key Take-aways:

  • Trends in contact centre cloud adoption
  • Drivers for contact centre cloud adoption
  • De-risking your cloud migration project
  • Managing a hybrid cloud solution
  • Business outcomes of cloud migration
  • Contact centre cloud adoption success stories

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