Microsoft: Digital Transformation Through Intelligent Customer Engagement - webinar

Microsoft: Digital Transformation Through Intelligent Customer Engagement

Paul Farrow from Microsoft and Steve Nuttall from Fifth Quadrant look at how companies need to evolve in this new world. This webinar & podcast will help you understand the opportunities digital transformation brings and hone your approach to winning and retaining customers.

Key take-aways:

You will gain valuable insights into how digital transformation will help you create differentiated, seamless and personalised customer experiences.

You will learn:

  • How digital information and channels can help businesses and government enable an enterprise-wide customer experience strategy
  • What intelligent engagement looks like from the customers’ view point
  • Why channel integration and the delivery of an omni-channel experience across traditional and digital channels is critical to success
  • How big data, advanced data analytics and IoT technologies help existing CRM systems evolve from a system of record to a system of intelligent customer engagement

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