LogMeIn: Breaking The Cycle Of Disengagement - Webinar


New research conducted on behalf of LogMeIn and presented by Fifth Quadrant

Consumers are likely to reach out when they are unhappy with a product or service sparking the start of a cycle of disengagement. 

Moreover, businesses are overwhelmed by the operational challenge of managing the volume of queries they are having to respond to which are typically telephone and email which ultimately results in customers churning out.

Join Steve Nuttall, CX Research Director at Fifth Quadrant and Peter Vasey, Head of Marketing, APAC at LogMeIn as they explore key findings and insights from this new research and provide solutions for breaking the cycle of customer and employee disengagement. 

Key Take Aways

  • Integrate AI and human skills that can more rationally, quickly and emotionally resolve customer queries.

  • Build synergies with human agents and technology working together.

  • Leverage recent channel developments in machine learning and AI to boost customer satisfaction and improve customer retention.

  • Join us: Wednesday, September 26 starting at 12pm

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