Webinar: Reinventing Customer Experience Through People, Data & AI

Reinventing Your Customer Experience Requires A Culture Change

Skills Gap

Webinar Date: Tuesday 31st October 12pm AEST

Research conducted by Fifth Quadrant for Oracle has uncovered how CX Leaders have created emotional connections with their customers through personalisation and are unlocking the value of data to reinvent the customer experience. To succeed, businesses require the people and cultural change. It’s the people, teams and boards who need to be equipped with the right thinking and required skill sets in order to create emotional connections to surprise and delight customers.

In this webinar Steve Nuttall, Head of CX Research at Fifth Quadrant and Kristi Mansfield, CX Strategy & Transformation Director at Oracle take a closer look at the cultural environment and new skill sets that are required to deliver a reinvented customer experience.

Kristi Mansfield Steve Nuttall

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Key Take-Aways:

  • What culture and people change is needed for customer experience change?
  • What are the skill sets required to reinvent the customer experience?
  • What roles does data and analytics play in the reinvention of the customer experience?
  • How are organisations operationalising data to optimise the customer experience?
  • Why we need strong board level capabilities and engagement with data and analytics
  • What you can do to address the skills gap and build you and your team’s data & analytics capabilities

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