Verint: How Knowledge Management Can Transform Your Customer Experience - Webinar

Verint: How Knowledge Management Can Transform Your Customer Experience

Verint-webinar-hdr-sqr.jpgOriginally Broadcast: Wednesday 26th April
In an effort to secure greater customer loyalty and gain substantial competitive advantage, leading organisations are striving to deliver an enhanced experience to their customers.

Customer experience or CX, has become a critical aspect of business management. More than 82% of organisations today regard CX as a competitive differentiator, while over 75% believe that it increases profits and revenue.

In this webinar we discuss how an Enterprise Knowledge Management solution will help you deliver a consistent omni-channel customer experience.

Led by:

  • Steve Nuttall, Head Of Customer Experience Research, Fifth Quadrant 
  • Krishna Baidya, Assoc. Director, Head of Customer Contact Research, Frost and Sullivan
  • Jason du Preez, VP Engagement Management APAC, Verint.  

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Key Take Aways

  •  A deeper understanding of why CX is so important to remain competitive and retain customers   

  • A practical look at what a successful CX strategy looks like using Knowledge Management  

  • Learn from case study examples of success 

  • Knowledge Management readiness assessment: where are you now and where you need to be to succeed   

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