Amazon: Threat or Opportunity for Australian Manufacturers - Webinar


How are Australian businesses gearing up for the arrival of Amazon Marketplace?

Original Broadcast Date: Thursday, November 23, 2017 

Learn how you need to prepare for the coming of Amazon, how to remain relevant and how to meet your goals and manage these new challenges.

The topic of Amazon Marketplace in Australia is the hottest button in retail, but the manufacturing and supply chain implications are seemingly overlooked.

We will explore what the arrival of Amazon marketplace means for your business, your customer relationships and how you can future-proof them to stay relevant and compete in the 'Age of Amazon'.

Why attend?

Local retailers aren’t the only ones concerned. Other industries, such as manufacturers and suppliers are weighing up whether to sell their products and parts via Amazon Marketplace. 

One recent study estimated Amazon has been in talks with almost 20 per cent of Australian food and grocery suppliers.

Customers expect brands to provide responsive, personalised customer service and that the information they share will be respected.

SAP Hybris’ consumer insights report highlights 78% of customers will stop buying from a company who misuses their personal data. Loyalty is also dwindling, as customer’s research and identify the best offering no matter what they are buying and make decisions based on their overall experience.

Join Steve Nuttall, Head of CX Research, Fifth Quadrant & Matt Hampshire eCommerce Sales Director, Oxygen, a DXC Technology Company, for the latest research from the recent CommBank Retail Insights reports as well as compelling data from the Hybris Consumer Insight study.

What to Expect

  • What effect do you think Amazon Marketplace’s entry into Australia will have on your business?
  • Why do you believe Amazon Marketplace entering the Australian market changes the landscape for your industry?
  • What do you think are essential things you need to do to stay relevant in providing exceptional customer experience and service to your clients?

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