CX Strategy Development

Customer Experience Strategy (CXS) is an organisation-wide customer focused vision and plan which informs all customer related bodies of work. It defines the organisation’s unique customer value proposition and the overarching customer journey(s) which include: business models, products, pricing, services, systems, processes, technologies, organisational structure, human capital, KPIs and operational capability.

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Penrith City Council


CQU (Central Queensland University)


Lifeline Australia


McWilliams Wines

The resulting enterprise-wide Customer Experience Strategic Plan will typically include:

1. Qualitative customer insights,        pain points & gaps 

2. Current state journey maps

3. Personas

4. Quantitative insights, results and  recommendations

5. Organisational Capability Assessment 

6. Future state journey maps

7. Future state prototypes

8. Customer experience strategy  recommendations
  > Multi-Channel Recommendations
  > Customer Feedback Management Plan
  > Operations and Process Improvement Plan
  > Technology and Telecommunications Plan
  > Culture and Human Resource Management Plan
  > KPI and Reporting Plan

9. Implementation roadmap

Let Fifth Quadrant be your CX starting point!


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