CX Diagnostic Review

> Strategy

> Business Model of                       Operations

> Organisational Structure

> Processes 


> Human Resources

> KPIs and Reporting 

Business Continuity 

Let Fifth Quadrant be your CX starting point!

A Customer Experience Diagnostic Review Includes:

  • Data analysis: analysis of raw data related to customer interactions, service efficiency and effectiveness.

  • Benchmarking of performance: Comparative benchmarking with up to 150 other organisations. Benchmarking may be against:

    a. Industry Vertical

    b. Operations of Similar Size

    c. Wider Industry 

  • Qualitative phase: interviews with key stakeholders and employees

  • Touch-point Mapping: Internal process, systems and people interactions for high volume interactions

  • Multi-Channel Audit: Availability and configuration of customer interaction channels

  • Customer research can also be included in a Customer Experience Diagnostic review in order to validate and confirm customer requirements and service expectations.

Let Fifth Quadrant be your CX starting point!

  • Current and validated performance against all criteria under review

  • Identification of areas of good performance that should be continued

  • Identification of areas of poorer performance

  • Quantification of inefficiency and ineffectiveness

  • Comparison of performance with other organisations or segments

  • Detailed recommendations to improve efficiency, effectiveness and customer experience

  • A Road Map for Implementation

  • Fifth Quadrant then may assist in managing the implementation of improvements or advising an organisation on implementation.

Let Fifth Quadrant be your CX starting point!



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