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Create Customer Centric Experiences

The future of all industries does not lie in commoditised products, but in innovation and design that creates new and relevant customer centric experiences which will drive differentiation, loyalty and advocacy. Organisations with a more mature CX strategy are embracing Customer Experience Design (CED) to create memorable and valuable experiences for their customers.

By approaching CED from a research perspective, Fifth Quadrant ensures that the experience is driven by deep customer insights and that it will address the needs your customers are able to articulate as well as the needs that they are unable to articulate. That’s how we begin the process of unlocking the value in your customers through CED.

If you want to understand how CED is currently being leveraged by thought leaders in Australian organisations please read our insights report here.



  • Co-creation
  • Scenario planning
  • Design Thinking
  • Affinity diagramming

We see Co-creation as an important methodology in delivering outstanding and differentiated customer experiences. Co-creation helps organisations to see the experiences that customers really want and avoids investment in experiences that the organisation only thinks that customers want.

  • Journey maps
  • Empathy maps
  • Personas
  • Story boards
  • Eco-system maps
  • Stakeholder maps



  • Ethnography
  • Contextual inquiries
  • Customer storytelling
  • Customer journals

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