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Customer demands and expectations as well as advances in technology are driving significant change in the way organisations and customers interact. Customers are demanding experiences that deliver greater convenience, simplicity, transparency, consistency and a high level of personalisation. Accordingly, the role of product, price and brand as a means of differentiation is becoming less and less important for customer retention, meaning that customers are increasingly basing decisions about staying with brands on customer experiences.

Leading organisations recognise the importance of investing in customer experience as it is proven to be a significant driver in delivering better business outcomes.

At Fifth Quadrant, we know how to deliver insight about your target market and your customers to drive customer centricity transformation and future-proof your business. We have a pragmatic approach to project work, designing and delivering research to get you what you don’t know, rather than what you do.

Fifth Quadrant's Customer Experience Research delivers an unrivalled level of knowledge, subject matter expertise and proprietary methodologies and models that help organisations become more connected with their customers and improve business performance.


Fifth Quadrant Customer Experience Research Model

A best practice program takes an enterprise wide view of the customer experience.

Three levels of customer feedback should exist within the enterprise, supporting both operational and strategic decision making: 


Optimising Your CX Research Program

Designing and implementing a customer experience program is a significant investment. To help you maximise the return on this investment, you may want to consider some of the following questions:

Do you have journey maps for all of your key customer segments?

Do you use consistent CX measures across the organisation?

Do you measure CX at the key moments of truth and across all key touchpoints?

Do you measure effort and emotion?

Do you talk to inactive or lapsed customers to improve retention and lost leads to improve acquisition?

Are you using text and voice analytics to understand qualitative feedback?

Have you developed a CX model that predicts future behaviour and links to organisational performance?

Do you use a technology platform to monitor and share CX data?

Are the insights from your CX research shared across your business?

Do you use design thinking to create better customer experiences?


If you answered no to some of these questions you may be interested in a “no obligation” complementary presentation and workshop regarding best practice CX measurement.

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