CX Consulting

Offering CX Diagnostic through to CX Strategy Development

Our Customer Experience Consulting Services cover a wide range of industries across multiple strategic areas of your organisation and cover the following:

  • CX Strategy Development
  • Customer Experience Diagnostic Review
  • Multi-Channel Strategy Development Benchmarking
  • Contact Centre Optimisation
  • Tender Management & Consulting
  • Contact Centre Benchmark 



Customer Experience Strategy Development

Customer Experience Strategy (CXS) is an organisation-wide customer focused vision and plan which informs all customer related bodies of work. It defines the organisation’s unique customer value proposition and the overarching customer journey(s) which include: business models, products, pricing, services, systems, processes, technologies, organisational structure, human capital, KPIs and operational capability.

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Customer Experience Diagnostic Reviews & Industry Performance Benchmarking

We have over 15 years experience in assessing the customer experience performance of service & sales operations. This includes assessing contact centres, branches, stores, online and other service channels.

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CX Diagnostic Review
multi-channel strategy

Multi-Channel Strategy Development Benchmarking

With the introduction of new customer interaction channels and the resulting complexity of the multi-channel environment, an integrated multi-channel strategy is of increasingly high importance to the customer experience industry.

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Tender Management Consulting




Mobile is on the rise: What are consumers telling us?

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