meet generative AI: the newest member of fifth quadrant

At Fifth Quadrant, we are constantly embracing innovative tools and technologies to enhance our market research capabilities and provide clients with a greater level of insight. Accordingly, we are early adopters of generative AI, which we now consider an essential part of our team. In this article, we explore how this virtual team member is enhancing our work and share insights from our experiences when working with this transformative technology.

getting to know generative AI

From the moment Generative AI joined our team, it was clear that it could handle a variety of tasks and, as most people did, we began by testing its boundaries; asking it to analyse public data sets when developing models and tools, generating strategies and importantly delivering results in a human format. After various people at the company tested it for themselves, we conducted an internal survey to discuss how this tool should be used; we asked two questions, and this is what the process yielded:

responsible AI & our rules

Whilst exploring the benefits and value of AI is important, Fifth Quadrant also conducts research to measure and track the adoption of responsible AI. Our Responsible Artificial Intelligence Index evaluates how well organisations are developing AI systems that are ethical, transparent, and accountable. This helps ensure that AI technologies are being used in ways that benefit society as a whole. Thinking about our personal experience and research into the responsible use of AI, these are our AI do’s and don’ts in the workplace:

Lessons Learned

Working with Generative AI has been an interesting experience, and after getting to know it, here are a few key takeaways to get the best from AI:

looking to the future

We’re excited about the future possibilities with Generative AI. Here area a few areas we’re exploring;


Generative AI has been a game-changer for Fifth Quadrant, enhancing our capabilities and freeing up time for our team to focus on strategic thinking. By viewing Generative AI as a new team member, we’ve embraced the best of both worlds – leveraging cutting-edge technology while maintaining the human touch that defines our work.

We’re excited to continue exploring the potential of AI and look forward to sharing more insights and innovations in the future. Keep in touch for the next instalment of our AI series and to learn more about our Responsible AI Index.

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