running a successful car clinic

In this explainer article we explore Car Clinics. breaking out the key steps involved, what it takes to ensure smooth operations on the day, and how we deliver robust insights to the client. A Car Clinic is a Central Location Test (CLT), where participants come to a venue to assess different aspects of a vehicle. This could include:

Car Clinics offer a number of benefits when it comes to capturing feedback on new or existing vehicles. These include:

Step 1. Planning

We work closely with our clients to plan and prepare clinics, with this phase crucial to the successful delivery of the project.

Step 2. Logistics

The best logistics operations are the ones you don’t notice. This is where our team shines, managing all the details in the background to set us up for success on the day.

Step 3. On The Day

Care needs to be taken to set the right mood, and effectively manage the process. Key considerations here include:

Step 4. Reporting

The last, and most critical phase. Failure here would render all of our hard work worthless.

If you are considering commissioning a car clinic, please reach out to our automotive experts.

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