understanding ChatGPT usage in Australia: latest fifth quadrant study

Recent research conducted by Fifth Quadrant into Australian consumers show that 70% of the adult population are now aware of ChatGPT, including one quarter that actively engage with the tool.

As the graph below shows, the level of engagement varies significantly with awareness and use much higher amongst males and the digital native younger generations.

It is also not surprising that consumers from different cohorts tend to use ChatGPT for different purposes with female users more likely to leverage ChatGPT to speed up administrative tasks and to learn about new topics, while males are doing more coding.  

Gen Z predominantly employs the tool for educational purposes, with 56% of users turning to ChatGPT for school or university-related work. On the flip side, Gen Y showcases a balanced approach, seeking the platform both for fun (61%) and for gathering ideas or inspiration (64%). This generation also gravitates towards using ChatGPT for work-related tasks, with 45% acknowledging its application in the business domain. Interestingly Gen X, are the most likely to lean into the platform just for fun or experimentation (72%).

In summary, it’s evident that ChatGPT’s presence in Australia has gained substantial traction, especially among the younger, tech-savvy generations. The platform’s multifaceted utility, ranging from educational aid to coding assistance, underscores its adaptability to varied user needs. While gender and generational differences in usage patterns are apparent, the overarching sentiment is clear: ChatGPT is becoming an integral tool in the digital landscape of Australia, catering to a myriad of purposes from academic to recreational. As it continues to integrate into daily activities, its significance in shaping the digital experiences of Australians is undeniable.

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Written by James Organ

I have been working in market research for nearly 30 years and remain dedicated to solving problems and creating great insight and content for our many clients.