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Contact Centre Improvements

Webinar: Improving the Contact Centre - 22 May @ 12pm AEST

The final of three webinars based on the recent release of our annual Contact Centre Benchmark Study & Report (click for details). The experts explore and discuss; operational performance, CX measurement, and staff management and engagement and help sort out what the above mean for businesses and the industry.

Auscontact Events

Auscontact Event: Contact Centre Fundamentals

Often we ‘grow up’ in the contact centre and as we move through our career path or even when we are just setting out – there are immutable laws that remain a mystery but are none the less essential to know for success. Auscontact is pleased to partner with BBB Advisory to deliver this session.

Past Events

Webinar: Contact Centre Evolution

Join us for the second of three webinars based on the recent release of our annual Contact Centre Benchmark Study & Report (click for details)The experts explore and discuss; customer interaction types, the evolution of the multi-channel contact centre and help sort out what the above means for businesses and the industry. 


Webinar: Contact Centre Trends

Join us for the first of three webinars based on the recent release of our annual Contact Centre Benchmark Study & Report (click for details). The experts will explore and discuss; key emerging trends, challenges faced by today's contact centres and help sort out what the above means for businesses and the industry.

Chatbot Harmony

Webinar: Achieving Harmony Between Bots & Humans

Many Australian contact centres are striving to improve customer experiences by implementing technology that both optimises agent performance and delivers a more customer centric offering.

Amazon - Threat or Opportunity?

Webinar: Amazon - Threat or Opportunity for Australian Manufacturers?

The topic of Amazon Marketplace in Australia is the hottest button in retail, but the manufacturing and supply chain implications are seemingly overlooked.

CX - Things to Come in 2018

Webinar: Customer Experience - The Shape Of Things To Come

As we quickly head to the end of the year it is time to look forward to the key trends in customer experience that will affect your business in 2018.

Webinar: Reinventing CX Requires Culture Change

Webinar: Reinventing Customer Experience Through People, Data & AI

In this webinar Steve Nuttall, Head of CX Research at Fifth Quadrant and Kristi Mansfield, CX Strategy & Transformation Director at Oracle take a closer look at the cultural environment and new skill sets that are required to deliver a reinvented customer experience.

customer experience

Workshop: How To Cut Through The Omni-Channel Maze - Auckland NZ

Today’s customers expect organisations to deliver an integrated, seamless, consistent and personalised experience across all available channels. However, many organisations have not yet laid down the core foundations.

Age of Ultra-Personalisation

Webinar: The Age of Ultra-Personalisation

Digital technology has heralded a new era of ultra-personalisation and given brands the ability to understand what each of their customers need and want.

Art & Science of Customer Engagement

Webinar: The Art & Science of Customer Engagement

The proliferation of mobile devices and applications has given consumers more choices and flexibility in researching and purchasing products or services.

Verint Knowledge Management Webinar

Webinar: How Knowledge Management Can Transform Your Customer Experience

In this webinar we discuss how an Enterprise Knowledge Management solution will help you deliver a consistent omni-channel customer experience.

Tips for Great CX

Webinar: 5 Tips for Great Customer Experience

Organisations understand the importance of delivering a great customer experience but many struggle to realise tangible results. This FQ webinar will provide you with our top tips for customer experience success.


Webinar: Customer Experience - What to Expect in 2017

Before we know it the year will have come to a close and a new year will be upon us. What have we learnt from the last 12 months and where are we heading in the new year?

Verint webinar

Webinar: The Tipping Point in Delivering Digital Customer Experiences

Verint is launching a comprehensive global research study that reveals insights into the expectations that customers have of digital experiences and how service providers are delivering to these.

Oracle webinar

Webinar: Creating Individualised Customer Experiences in the Digital Age

Customers are clearly in charge and businesses that understand what their customers need and want are winning.  Some of the winners are new entrants, the disrupters, and others are more traditional organisations that have been fast to understand the changing customer-led landscape.

New Findings into CX in ANZ

Webinar: New Findings into Customer Experience in ANZ

Join Stephen Duignan, VP International Marketing at LogMeIn, and Steve Nuttall, Research Director at Fifth Quadrant, as they dig into the key findings from brand new customer engagement research conducted in Australia and New Zealand.


Webinar: Digital Transformation Through Intelligent Customer Engagement

Join Paul Farrow from Microsoft and Steve Nuttall from Fifth Quadrant as they look at how companies need to evolve in this new world. This live webinar will help you understand the opportunities digital transformation brings and hone your approach to winning and retaining customers.

10 Tips for CX Omni Channel Success

Webinar: 10 Principles for Omni-Channel Success

Presented by Fifth Quadrant and hosted by Stephanie Bauer, Head of CX Consulting and Steve Nuttall, Head of CX Research. Steph and Steve present the state of CX in Australia today and provide tips on creating a successful omni-channel experience for your customers. 


Mobile is on the Rise: What are Consumers Telling Us?

Thanks to smartphones and ubiquitous connectivity, consumers can engage with businesses, and share their experiences with their networks, anywhere and at any time. Watch the original webinar.

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